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Ray Kobayashi, Hawaii

(Big Island)

General Contractor / Realtor



We have built over 500 residential homes throughout East Hawaii including a 20-unit townhouse (Kawili Regency) and an 18,000 sf warehouse in the Shipman Industrial Park in Keaau.  Beginning with our first home in Hawaiian Paradise Park in 1972,  we have probably built a home in almost every subdivision in Puna and Hilo.

As both a building contractor and a Realtor, Ray Kobayashi combines his experience and knowledge to construct homes that weld his customers’ desires with what they can afford to build.  He clearly remembers how hard it was to obtain a loan for an existing pre-built home, which made him decide to build his own. Working an average of 12 hours a day, seven days a week for nearly 40 years, Ray approaches his 
construction projects with the same vigor and enthusiasm of his very first project. 


We purchased an ohia forest and built a wood mill on the property, which allows us to focus on using local hardwoods in home construction. R.K. Builders, Inc. can take a newly cut koa, ohia, mango or eucalyptus tree, cut it into useable sizes, dry it in kilns, then trim the wood into pieces that can create original crafted walls, flooring, ceilings, moldings and cabinets. Before you grade your lot we would be happy to salvage any useable trees to integrate into your new home!

R.K. Builder's recent projects,  Lelepau Street and Kaiwiki Road, both in Hilo, are magnificent examples of Ray's craftsmanship and vision.