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We've been there, and sometimes all you need is to talk story with another experienced business owner who also had to adapt to change.

We have years of experience and the desire to partner with you. You provide the inspiration. We provide exceptional hardwood and custom fabrication solutions for you, the local entrepreneur and family business owner.

We'd love to talk about what matters to you. Let's find out if we can help you and your business.

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Ray Kobayashi

  Computer Aided Manufacturing, Custom Fabrication Solutions, Handmade with Aloha

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We'd love to talk about what matters to you. Let's find out if we can help you and your business.

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Our Safe Tutu Project™

We know it's hard trying to balance family and work.

Make sure family and grandparents are safe when you are away. Get peace of mind with our Safe Tutu Project™. 

We've partnered with Cafe 100 to better serve our Hilo community.

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About Ray & Gloria Kobayashi

Ray and Gloria Kobayashi’s 48-year marriage has always been a partnership in business and in life. They met at a real estate convention in Honolulu. When Ray discovered that he had more fun building homes than selling them, he got his general contractor's license and started RK Builders, Inc. in 1974. Ray’s first home was an 880 sf package home, which he built for $12,000 and sold a year later for $25,000. Since then, Ray has built over 600 homes in almost every subdivision in East Hawaii, a 20-unit townhouse (Kawili Regency), an 18,000 sf warehouse in the W.H. Shipman Business Park, a 16,200 sf warehouse in Pahoa, and several shops in Prince Kuhio Plaza.

The Origin of RK Woods

Ray’s passion for local hardwoods didn’t start out small. In fact, it kind of started off pretty big, with the purchase of a 100-acre Ohia forest in Pahoa. That is where Ray built a 16,200 sf warehouse and installed four kilns to dry locally harvested hardwoods, especially Koa. Back then, the price of Koa was low so Ray used Koa in many of his custom residential homes in order to differentiate himself from other contractors. But we think he did it simply because he loved seeing the look on other people’s faces when they saw the rare beauty of the wood.

Ray’s one of a kind master builds are his own home in Waiakea Uka and a three-story Japanese castle in Kaiwiki. Every room features local hardwoods like Koa, Mango, Ohia, Robusta, and Sugi Pine, all grown right here on the Big Island. And since the price of Koa and all of these local hardwoods have skyrocketed, Ray doesn’t think it’s possible to rebuild these two homes with the same local wood additions.

When the Hilo Fire Marshall told Ray that he had to move all of the Koa wood off the floor at his warehouse in W.H. Shipman Business Park, Ray started making Koa rocking chairs, custom cabinets, tables, chairs, panel doors, jewelry boxes, and urns. And again not one to start out small, Ray purchased an industrial 5 x 10 CNC production machine. So that is how Ray's passion project, RK Woods, got its start. With this CNC machine and a laser engraver, his product line has expanded from handmade furniture to now wooden signs, commissioned art projects for businesses, and TigerLuv Guitars™. 

Ray Kobayashi, General Contractor BC - 7556

About Rick Kobayashi

The best business model is still service. Like you, we are finding our way through this challenging business environment.

We expect things to get harder. But that only means we need to be better at serving the needs of our local community.

We focus on families, keeping each other strong, and making sacrifices to make sure all boats rise with the tide because we want and need a vibrant small business community.

We would like the opportunity to earn your business.

What They Say

Gail Miyashiro

Cafe 100, Inc.

"Several years ago, we remodeled the exterior of Cafe 100.  Besides getting a nice new look for our business, it was imperative that the job be done with the least amount of interruption to our business.

Working around the clock,  RK Builders did the job on time.  We have used their services for further remodeling jobs and  other minor repairs."

Gail Miyashiro, Cafe 100

Dayton & Charlene Oniwa

Home Owners

“RK Builders, Inc. built our beautiful custom home in an amazing time frame of six months.

Raymond is a skilled craftsman who made it possible for us to have the most gorgeous Eucalyptus floors, which we admire and enjoy every day.

Of all the many houses we've owned, this home gives us the greatest pleasure and joy.”

Dayton & Charlene Oniwa

RK Builders, Inc. has built over 600 homes in almost every subdivision in East Hawaii.   

We've built homes for families, now let us help build your business legacy. 

Please call us today: (808) 959-4060