Residential and Commercial Construction Services


  • House plans
  • Land prep and clearing
  • Concrete
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Drywall
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Woodworking – Hardwood flooring, trim, crown molding, window trim, custom cabinets, gazebos, fences, gates & ohia posts.

Depending on the home’s size and intricacies, R.K. Builders, Inc. can build a home in anywhere from three months to six months. Weather, the availability of products and the owner’s choices are all factors in determining the length of time the house can be completed – we are always available to counsel you through any aspect of the construction.

If you are looking for a builder please allow us to provide a price quote for your consideration.

Steps in Building Your Home

R.K. Builders, Inc. has different floor plans of every size and shape and in every price range.  We are with you through the entire process to make sure your project is completed professionally and efficiently. While you make the difficult decisions about the colors of the exterior and interior paints, choose the plumbing and electrical fixtures, select the flooring, choose the cabinets and sinks, we will be working to integrate your choices. These are the steps in the construction process that every home builder follows:

Phase 1: Planning

  1. Choose the right house plan. R.K. Builders, Inc. has hundreds of plans, package and/or originals to help you build your perfect dream home. Our experience can help you decide on the type of house that will suit your needs, including it’s placement on your property and the driveway’s access.
  2. Get a building permit from the Hawaii County Building department. We can walk your plan to the Building Department and follow the complicated process of getting the building permit, which can take as long as six months.
  3. Lay out the house on the lot. We walk through your lot, getting a feel of the lay of the land. Where are the high spots? Where are the low spots which might cause drainage problems? How much dozing will need to be done? Do you need to bring in fill?  We have small land clearing equipment and can recommend other contractors to use.

Phase 2: Building

  1. Prepare and pour the foundation. This is probably the most critical part of the building process. A properly poured foundation will ensure that the house is firmly grounded.  The entire process takes less than a day, but involves a lot of manpower, man hours and dry weather.
  2. Frame the house. Depending on the size of the house, this process may take a week or months.  One-story houses are quicker; two and three-story homes take longer.  These days, the siding of choice is hardy plank.
  3. Electrical, plumbing, septic or cesspool installation. R.K. Builders, Inc. utilizes reliable subcontractors who have worked with us on many jobs.  However, if  you have your own  electrician or plumber, we’re happy to work with them.  Shigehara Plumbing has been doing our plumbing for nearly 30 years.
  4. Finish the roof. A corrugated iron roof is the most common roofing material for Hawaii’s rainy weather.  However, R.K. Builders, Inc. can also install other types of roofing.
  5. Drywall the interior rooms. Cutting huge pieces of drywall so that they fit on the walls is like creating a huge jigsaw puzzle.  It is also probably the messiest part of the entire process.  Wet mud, spraying walls, decorating ceilings is a huge “white snowstorm.”  Although we occasionally sub out this process, we usually do it ourselves.

Phase 3: Finishing

  1. Complete the interior finish, counters and cabinets. At this point the building process is over 50% complete. Attention to detail is where experience pays off.  The counters and cabinets are what you see and use daily.  We never cut corners on these.  We have our own cabinet shop and can manufacture any type of cabinets.  Our specialty is custom koa and eucalyptus cabinets.  We also specialize in solid surface countertops.
  2. Painting the exterior and interior. This is one part of the process that we usually allow Orchid Isle Painting to do.  They are efficient, quick and neat.
  3. Flooring: hardwoods, carpet and/or tile installation. We can create our own hardwood flooring at our mill and can recommend a carpet and tile company that will best suit your needs.

Several years ago, we remodeled the exterior of Cafe 100.  Besides getting a nice new look for our business, it was imperative that the job be done with the least amount of interruption to our business.

Working around the clock,  R.K. Builders, Inc. did the job on time.  We have used their services for further remodeling jobs and  other minor repairs

Gail Miyashiro – Cafe 100, Inc.